4 Google apps that will make your life easier

Jul 10, 2019 | Google

The sheer number of applications available in Google Play means spending hours distinguishing apps that improve your productivity from those that will dampen your efficiency. To save you time, we have chosen four apps that will make your life much easier.

Chrome Remote Desktop
This cross-platform app gives users a highly reliable level of support. If you need remote assistance, you can grant someone temporary access to your desktop through this app, and revoke it once the issue has been resolved. The app also lets you access your own desktop from any of your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, Chromebook) so you can work on your files or use programs. Simply install the Google Chrome extension, assign a pin for remote access, and start sharing.

Trusted Contacts
It’s a dangerous world out there, which is why location-sharing apps such as Trusted Contacts are heaven-sent. With Trusted Contacts, you can request location information from, or share yours with, a contact who’s also using the app. Location sharing has long been part of most apps with a GPS functionality, but what sets Trusted Contacts apart is its ability to send a person’s location even when offline. In instances when a person’s location is requested and there’s no answer within five minutes, the app automatically sends the contact’s last known location.

Google Handwriting Input
Typing on smartphones isn’t easy for everyone, and that’s why enhancements such as Swype are a welcome feature to touchscreen keyboards. Google Handwriting Input works like Swype, but is more flexible and doesn’t require precise strokes. You can handwrite your IMs and text messages, perform searches, and even create emojis using your finger or a stylus. This app may not seem like much, but it can be quite useful for those who communicate in languages with special characters.

Google Trips
Organizing business or leisurely travel is taxing and having to use multiple apps just adds to the chaos. Google Trips reduces the hassle by putting all data — such as itinerary, hotel location, available transportation, and other trip-related information — into one app and letting you access it online or offline. It also provides recommendations on popular attractions, day trips, and things to do based on the itineraries and other travel-related information you’ve stored in your Gmail.

The answer to some of your business’s most pressing needs may be hidden in plain sight in the App Store. We’re constantly on the lookout for process-enhancing apps and tools, so we know which solutions are best for you. Contact us today for advice.

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