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John Wheeler November 22, 2018 0 Comments

Many small business leaders see modern technology as a necessary evil, rather than a tool for thriving in modern markets. It’s hard to blame them, given that a lot of businesses spend far more than they need to on IT and assume enterprise-grade solutions are out of reach.

Fortunately, the days when smaller companies had no choice but to build an in-house IT department are long gone. Instead, they can partner with a managed services provider (MSP) and benefit from technology solutions they need to grow. Here are five reasons why it might be time for you to make that move:

#1. You’re spending too much on IT

Information technology has long been a major expense for businesses across all industries, and there’s always the risk of unexpected system failures driving a stake into the heart of your budget. Thankfully, businesses can now move forward and turn toward proactive services in which IT management is billed as a flat monthly subscription. This approach ensures you have round-the-clock access to the latest technology without the gigantic capital expenditure burdens.

#2. You’re failing at digital transformation

Digital transformation is all about changing business technology processes to improve efficiency, continuity, and scalability, among others. Unfortunately, it’s also something that most businesses are failing at, simply because they struggle to get company executives and IT technicians on the same page when it comes to achieving company goals.

MSPs have a vested interest in helping their clients get the best possible returns on technological investments. If a client is paying for monthly support and consulting but can’t see the benefits, that client won’t stick around for long. Outsourced IT providers offer tailored services and expertise for their clients so they can keep up with digital transformation.

#3. Your current infrastructure lacks scalability

If you find yourself stuck in a technology rut, you could miss out on lucrative revenue opportunities. Worse still, you might even lose existing and loyal customers who won’t be interested in hearing excuses about how there’s a problem with your computing systems.

MSPs can also help you migrate to the cloud so you can move data and rigid server hardware to an off-site data center. That means you can scale effortlessly with demand, instead of having to invest in new hardware and software licenses all the time.

#4. You’ve fallen victim to cybercrime

According to a study carried out by Ponemon and Accenture last year, there’s now an average of 130 data breaches per company per year, and these figures are continuously rising. If your business has fallen victim to a data breach, then you must take every possible measure to prevent it from happening again.

Many MSPs offer a wide range of cybersecurity services, which allow you to implement a multilayered approach to security via nonstop monitoring, centralized user access control, intrusion detection and prevention, and more. They’ll also help you prepare for the worst with business-continuity strategies and cloud-based backup and restore services.

#5. Your systems are outdated

Slow and unresponsive computers are among the most common frustrations in the workplace. They stifle employee productivity, put a big dent in morale, and leave your customers more frustrated than ever in a world where instant gratification is expected. Sometimes, it’s better to go back to pen and paper than spend your days trying to work around trivial IT issues rather than running your business.

MSPs give you access to the latest technology and proven solutions that were once only accessible to large enterprises with generously funded in-house IT departments. With the rise of cloud services, it’s now possible for any business to do the same.

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