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  • 5 Tips to optimize your technology environment in 2019

Today’s business leaders constantly face overwhelming pressure to explore and adopt innovative technology in order to grow. In fact, modern organizations have become extremely dependent on IT to boost efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction. This gave rise to the belief that nowadays, every company is a technology company.

If your existing IT environment is starting to show its age or your infrastructure is bursting at the seams with constantly expanding data sets, then it’s time to rethink your technology strategy. Rather than being a costly liability, technology should become a key driver for growth and business success. Here are five ways to help make that happen:

#1. Plan for scalability

When your computing infrastructure can no longer keep up with demand, it hinders growth and blocks new opportunities. That’s why organizations should plan for expansion from the outset by adopting scalable technologies that grow seamlessly with demand or, if necessary, may be scaled back during quieter times to reduce costs.

The cloud offers practically limitless scalability by letting you build a software-defined IT architecture that runs in a data center, instead of demanding the costly capital expenses of workstations and in-house servers.

#2. Enable workforce mobility

The rise of mobile technologies and almost ubiquitous broadband internet has empowered a new era of workforce mobility. Tens of millions of Americans now work from home or on the move, and the gig economy is in full swing. For any modern business to be successful, it needs to take mobility to a new level with systems that are accessible anywhere. By rolling out mobile and cloud technologies, you’ll be able to supercharge employee productivity and satisfaction while cutting down on operational costs.

#3. Secure from the start

Many business owners still see information security as a necessary evil, a compliance hurdle, or even a barrier to innovation. It’s this mindset that is holding back many organizations from innovating. These misconceptions need to go if your business wants to optimize its technology and enable future growth.

Cybersecurity should be a core component of your overall technology strategy. Strong security is also a key selling point, especially since your brand’s reputation stands squarely on the front lines. Ultimately, cybersecurity is an important enabler of brand success.

#4. Implement data analytics

Data is behind almost every business decision, or at least it should be. Digital activities create vast amounts of data, but as data sets continue to double every two years on average, it isn’t getting any easier to put to good use.

Data analytics helps drive smarter decision-making by translating all those ones and zeros into actionable insights. To get the most out of modern technology, every organization should implement a data analytics platform that collates data from the widest possible range of sources, such as CRM, ERP, and social media. This helps leaders make wiser investments and identify areas of improvement.

#5. Outsource computing workloads

Organizations of all sizes across every sector are fast moving away from in-house technology to server colocation facilities and cloud services. Instead of the unpredictable costs of reactive care and capital expenses, outsourcing computing workloads lets businesses operationalize IT to the extent that they no longer have to worry about upgrades and unexpected downtime.

Cloud computing offers many other advantages too, such as unlimited scalability, mobility, and better security. And by choosing the right technology partner, your business will be better placed to develop an IT roadmap that aligns with your specific operational priorities.

Cyber Shift Technologies transforms your technology from a costly liability into an invaluable and affordable asset. Call us today to find out how.

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