Common business problems that cloud computing resolves

Jun 24, 2019 | Web & Cloud

Employees need to solve dozens — if not hundreds — of problems a day. Wouldn’t it be nice if one solution could solve most of them? Moving to the cloud can solve a bulk of business problems you may be dealing with right now.

Here are the most common business problems that cloud computing resolves.

Problem #1: High cost of IT

Traditional IT infrastructure entails high capital expenditure on hardware, software, and licensing. What’s more, you need to obtain space to store your equipment. You’ll also need an effective cooling system to make sure that your machines don’t overheat.

With the cloud, you can avoid all these extra expenses. Cloud providers take care of hardware, software, and licensing, so you only have to pay for the resources you use.

Problem #2: Financial management issues

There are several challenges a company must deal with: inefficient spending, not meeting business goals, inability to determine how a decision financially impacts the company, or difficulty in properly and efficiently compiling financial statements.

Moving your data to the cloud will help you solve these problems. With cloud-based accounting, you can monitor and manage your data in real time. As such, making crucial decisions is easier because all the necessary information will be just a click away.

Problem #3: Employee turnover

When a business holds on to inefficient and outdated processes just because “it works” or “that’s the way it’s always been done,” employees (especially the innovative ones) may feel trapped, frustrated, and worse, they may eventually leave. Other employees depart because of the lack of personal growth in a company. For instance, they may get bored doing clerical tasks like compiling documents and financial statements.

Replacing an employee can be a tedious process, and the cost of it just makes it worse. In 2017, the average cost per hire was $4,425, and the average cost of filling an executive position was $14,936.

Cloud migration can address employee turnover by consolidating data from previously siloed databases, enabling automation, and streamlining clerical tasks. This will free a lot of your employees’ time, so they can focus on more important tasks like customer services and client partnerships. Ultimately, they’ll find more joy and fulfillment in doing their jobs, decreasing employee turnover.

Problem #4: Poor business continuity

Crises ranging from natural disasters to phishing attacks are just lurking around the corner. That’s why it’s best to back up and secure your data in multiple data centers. The general rule of thumb is to maintain a full copy of critical data and services and to keep it in a data center located in an area that’s not at risk of disasters.

Better yet, secure a copy of your data in the cloud. This will allow you to access your data quickly from any location using any device. Even if a crisis happens, you can conduct business as usual and avoid the risk of going under.

Problem #5: Risky security

Security is sure to be a hot topic when one talks about the cloud. One of the most common myths about the cloud is that data is less safe there. This cannot be more wrong.

Since the cloud allows you to store your data in a virtual environment, you won’t have to worry about hardware malfunctions, and should a disaster happen, your data won’t be at risk. Reliable cloud computing providers like Cyber Shift Technologies put countless security measures, such as encryption, firewalls, and antivirus software, in place to protect your data in the cloud.

With the help of your cloud provider, you can authorize the users that can have access to your business information. What’s more, your provider will monitor your data 24/7/365. You’ll be immediately notified of any unusual activities, and any attempt to breach your data will be detected and dealt with promptly.

If you want to migrate your small- to medium-size business to the cloud, contact Cyber Shift Technologies now and get enterprise-level solutions that improve business performance and data security. What’s more, we’ll manage every aspect of your cloud for an affordable monthly fee. Call us today!

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