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These are the threats to worry about

Your guide to the 9 most terrifying types of malware

We’ve just released our new guide to tell you about the nine most common types of malware.  Written in a way anyone can understand!  Did you know all businesses are being targeted by malware?  There are new variants being released daily!

You may be asking yourself.  What is Malware?  Malware is a malicious application designed to damage your company’s IT infrastructure and systems.  Attempting to steal your data or have you pay a ransom to get your data back. 

Have you reviewed your backup strategy lately?  If not reach out today and see how we can help!  We offer a full disaster and recovery option for all of our Cyberpro customers!

These are the threats to worry about

We see cyber-attacks on businesses virtually every day. Mostly we see evidence of failed attacks, as the businesses we look after are well prepared and protected. But occasionally we speak to business owners or managers we don’t (yet) look after, who’ve been successfully attacked. And the consequences can be devastating, depending on what has happened to them.

Anything that has been designed to steal your data or hurt your computer systems is now called malware – for “malicious software”.
There are a number of different ways you can be targeted. Being aware is the first defensive weapon.

Once you’ve come to grips with the possibility that your technology is in dire need, then you can begin to discuss your options with a knowledgeable IT provider. Until then, skim through our free eBook. If you see anything that speaks to the troubles hounding your company, you know whom to call.

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