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John Wheeler November 15, 2019 0 Comments

An important element of your identity on the internet is your website’s design, because it can make or break your business. It actually makes a difference in how your target market views your company; in fact, it can turn potential site visitors into your customers. Therefore, creating a website design with an impressive and effective user interface will lead to a better conversion rate and better business revenue.

How has social media revolutionized web design?

Social media is now an ever-present part of the internet. In designing your corporate site, you need to consider the impact of social media. Your target market is used to being connected through different channels (TV, radio, the internet), and as a result, internet sites are being influenced by social media trends.

Enhancing your website with elements of social media will result in a more holistic design that incorporates various web-based interactions, allowing your company to effectively connect with consumers, followers, and site visitors.

Tips for integrating social media to your web design

The following tips show how social media has influenced web design.

1. Option for social media logins

Conveniently expanding your audience is as easy as adding a social media login option in your corporate site. Many people nowadays like instant gratification, so your web design’s goal should be to allow your site visitors to sign into your website by clicking a social media button. Adding a social media widget to your site is easy.

Adding social media logins will also help you personalize the content you publish based on the user’s social data. And by collecting email addresses, you can create a newsletter campaign later on. But before you do all that, make sure to specify your data gathering activities in your website’s privacy terms and conditions, and your site visitors must agree to these terms before you start collecting information.

Another benefit of using social media buttons is in providing your site visitors with a sense of familiarity. People nowadays are constantly surrounded by content that promotes social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and seeing a familiar logo can give your website’s credibility a boost.

2. Contact Us pages that link to social media accounts

All business websites have a “Contact Us” page to let users communicate directly with the web administrator or support team in case they have a concern. Make it more convenient for your site visitors by linking this page to your business social media accounts, especially since their important feedback about your products or services can immediately be discussed. This shows that your company cares about its customers.

And since social media chats provide a quicker, more efficient way to reply, they also help in growing your follower base.

3. Comment sections and chat boxes via social media

Social media-based commenting or chat systems are a popular web design option because they encourage people to interact and “be social.” Users can react or reply to comments posted on your website, encouraging community socialization.

But these comment sections and chat boxes are prone to spambots, so have your visitors register in your site before they comment or send a chat message to lessen the incidents of spam messages. Spam is difficult to remove, so it is best to have a moderator curate the comments or chats.

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