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John Wheeler February 28, 2020 0 Comments

Google Play Store offers a wide range of office apps for Android smartphones and tablets. Such apps allow users to work whenever and wherever, with some even allowing them to do work even when they’re offline. Read on to learn about some of the best office apps for Android.

Microsoft Office

View, edit, share, and collaborate on documents using the Microsoft Office suite of mobile apps. Familiar favorites like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be downloaded for free, and you can unlock additional features and functions by getting an Office 365 subscription. Any document, presentation, or spreadsheet you create or it will sync edit to OneDrive so you can access your files at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

Google Drive

More than just free cloud storage, Google Drive for Android offers a whole suite of office apps. Get Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Photos for free, and for as low as $1.99 per month, you can get additional storage for all of your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and images. Another great feature of Drive is that you can still view and edit documents even if you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network, making working more convenient.

Office Suite

Office Suite supports all basic Microsoft formats (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, etc.) as well as other common file formats (PDF, ODT, OOS, ODP, etc.). It also lets users access and sync files in Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, and MobiSystems Drive. The free version has all the basic features such as creating and editing documents. Meanwhile, the paid versions — which run from $19.99 to $29.99 — allow PDF scanning, spell-checking, and chat capabilities, among other additional functionalities.

Polaris Office

Polaris Office has a similar interface and features to Office Suite. It is compatible with other office apps for Android and supports different file formats, including PDF. Polaris Office has pointer and pen features that allow users to edit, create, and open files, as well as take down notes with ease. Users can sync all their documents on Polaris Drive, or access files stored in other cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

WPS Office

WPS (Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets) Office is an all-in-one office app that supports all the basic features of Microsoft Office and Google Drive. Use it to create and edit presentations, spreadsheets, word documents, and PDFs, which you can save to and access from the cloud storage platform of your choice. It also has a free PDF reader, converter, and editor, allowing you to view and add annotations as well as your signature to any PDF file.

Docs to Go

Work from anywhere on your Android smartphone or tablet using Docs to Go. This document viewing and editing app allows you to connect to and sync files on your device to the cloud. It also enables you to send and receive supported email attachments using Gmail or other email apps. Docs to Go’s find and replace feature makes editing any document easy. What’s more, paid versions of the app give you the option to open password-protected Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files.

Smart Office

Not only does Smart Office have all the capabilities you’ll need in an office app, but it’s also an invaluable tool for meetings and presentations. Easily format and add graphics to your slides, manage their sequence and transitions, and present them directly on your mobile device or through a projector. Smart Office also has a wireless printing function, enabling you to print from thousands of supported printer models.

Enjoy the freedom of working on the go and on any Android device with these productivity-boosting office apps. Give us a call today if you need help choosing the right app for your needs.

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