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From small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises, going digital is increasingly becoming a must. The internet makes customer service, data sharing, and team collaboration easier for businesses. This is why you need a reliable internet connection that can handle all the work you have to do.

In this day and age when an internet connection is basically the backbone of businesses’ daily operations, a broken connection can cost you some serious dollars. Not only that, but it can also affect your employees’ productivity and efficiency. Here are the problems that come with an unreliable internet connection.

Effects of having a slow network

A slow connection can greatly affect your office efficiency and organization’s reputation. If your connection is make your employees lost focus, this will make customers increasingly dissatisfied.

Nowadays, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system is an SMB’s primary means of communicating with customers. With an unstable network, clients won’t be able to reach your company and get the support that they need. This will result in disappointments, negative feedback about your products and services, loss of customers, and a tarnished company image.

Inventory, bookkeeping, and other aspects of your work can also be affected. In addition, a poor connection can cost you up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The average cost of business downtime is $5,600 per minute, or a whopping $300,000 per hour. It would be hard to manage files, reply to important emails, and take care of spam emails. The combined cost of these problems will undoubtedly give you a serious headache.

Also, team collaboration suffers from an unreliable network. Most of your employees spend most of their day in front of a computer screen, as their tasks rely mainly on staying online. If your connection goes down, it can result in a cascade of unfinished tasks and halted operations.

Lastly, an unreliable network makes your business vulnerable to data breaches and cyberattacks. Hackers are constantly crafting complex malware, and with a poor internet connection, your company won’t be able to act fast in the event of an attack. Chances are, your critical company and client data will be hacked in a snap.

How to avoid internet connection problems

You need to invest in a stable connection to have high-speed business service, improved customer service, and increased employee efficiency. Having a reliable connection starts with hiring a reliable internet provider.

To choose the right one, make sure your potential managed services providers (MSPs) have a solid track record of supporting their clients. They should maintain their own internet backbone because if they don’t, that means they’re just reselling someone else’s. That might result in you not getting the top-notch internet performance that you need.

Not only must a reliable MSP own their own IP, but they must also exchange traffic with other MSPs at multiple peering points to ensure that your business’s traffic can take the best route to its destination.

More importantly, their customer support staff (from entry level support technicians to IT engineers) must be available to help you 24/7 and handle all possible technical problems you may have.

If you need a stable internet for your Akron, Canton, or Massillon business, contact Cyber Shift Technologies today.

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