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Within just a few weeks, the coronavirus outbreak has turned the world upside down. Transportation systems have been forced to shut down temporarily, and everyone has been advised to stay at home. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), too, have packed up their physical offices and shifted to remote-work setups. And as COVID-19 cases in Ohio continue to spike, it’s difficult to tell until when these remote work arrangements might last in the state.

Transitioning to a digital environment might not go as smoothly as planned, especially for first-time adopters. A managed services provider (MSP) can help SMBs like yours stay afloat until everything returns to normal.

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Why do you need to hire an MSP when you have an internal IT team?

One of the advantages of having an internal IT team is that they can respond immediately to any query, since they’re physically present at the site. But with work now being done remotely, what you need is a team that can manage your technology from a remote location.

An MSP can be that team for you. They do exactly as their name suggests: they’re a third-party that manages another business’s IT infrastructure. They do so remotely, with enterprise-grade solutions and a team of technology experts dedicated to each client.

MSPs support your IT team to identify and address technologies that might be limited, unsecured, or outdated to support critical processes.

Additionally, your organization can benefit from MSPs in the following areas:

Decision support and consultancy

Even during a pandemic, you still have goals to achieve and people to serve. You must be able to leverage your existing technology and utilize other tools that can push you to reach your targets.
An MSP like Cyber Shift Technologies can help you do both.

As an MSP, we support the development of IT strategies driven by business requirements and overall mission goals. When every decision is crucial, IT consultants can ensure that you make the correct and strategic choice.

Security and risk reduction

Remote-work setups increase potential entry points for cybercriminals. Unsecured Wi-Fi connections, out-of-date software, and human error are weaknesses that can easily be exploited to steal information or gain access to funds.

MSPs’ cybersecurity packages can mitigate the risk on all fronts. Starting with a risk assessment that identifies IT infrastructure vulnerability, technology experts will develop, install, and maintain a customized risk treatment plan to eliminate risks and ensure compliance.

Cost savings

With the economy taking a hard hit, MSPs can help you cut down costs without compromising security and consumer satisfaction. A strategic IT plan reduces hardware and software expenses, lowers maintenance costs, and prevents oversight on technology decisions.

MSPs also make budgeting more predictable, since they only charge a flat monthly or annual fee with no hidden costs, regardless of how much support your company needs.

Service quality

The pandemic is no excuse for delayed or poor service. Your business must keep up with the demands without compromising the quality of your work. Partnering with an MSP gives you access to workforce management solutions that streamline workflows and automate processes, so you can deliver timely services to your clients.

Ease of mind

It’s difficult enough to run a business under normal circumstances, and to keep operations running during a global pandemic can be a hundred times more challenging and mentally exhausting. You and your IT team will surely appreciate it if you partner up with an MSP, since they take every precaution to secure your networks and assets. And with an IT team and a partner MSP at your disposal, you can focus on what you do best: running your organization.

In these trying times, you need more efficient and more secure ways of doing business. Cyber Shift Technologies has helped businesses survive hard times, and we can help your organization get through this pandemic, too. Learn about the 20 signs that you’re ready for an MSP. Download the eBook now.